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The annual meeting of the Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) was held at Lanzhou University on 24--26 August 2014. Participants carried out focused discussions geared towards increasing the scope for collaboration between academic institutions in

Press Releases

The Koshi Basin is one of those most vulnerable Himalayan basins where climate change will affect water availability, and consequently agriculture and livelihood options for millions of people.

International Women

International Year of Youth - 2011

International Mountain Day 2012

167. Agenda

World Environment Day 2014

ICIMOD’s Strategy and Results Framework – Requesting Your Input

that sustain the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in China, India, and Nepal. The basin plays a key role in the irrigation of downstream areas and has a

Workshop held on Place-based Studies in Pakistan and China under HICAP

Mountain Environment Regional Information System

Adaptation to Change

Himalaya – Changing Landscapes photo exhibition draws attention to the impacts of climate change in the Himalayan region

Celebrating International Biological Diversity Day: Marking the International Year of Forests, 2011

ICIMOD celebrates partnership with Bhutan

Workshop between Nepalese industry group and ICIMOD links business activities to sustainable mountain development

Seen as an important platform for mutual learning and networking among the national partners in Bhutan, the first Bhutan-ICIMOD Day was held on 10 October in Thimphu

The Prime Minister of Nepal calls for an alliance of mountain countries at a meeting of Ministers during COP 15