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Statement for Press Conference: Bhutan+10 - Dr Ritu Verma

Statement for Press Conference: Bhutan+10 - Dr Eklabya Sharma

ICIMOD Hosts First Green Solutions Fair at ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

As a student of commerce and management, I have heard the word ‘entrepreneurship’ being thrown around quite frequently. Often, the word is associated with billionaires such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who are famous for having been

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), Pakistan, and the Gansu Light Industries

South Asia is home to about 21 percent of the global population, but has only about eight percent of the world’s annual renewable water resources. Population growth and urbanization are major drivers of change and increasing water stress in the

2015 Training on Reframing Leadership for Women and Men for Gender Equality 05 Mar 2015 Humla landslide update 04 Mar 2015 Collaborative research needed to enhance policy on freshwater ecosystem 26 Feb 2015 Partners review progress of

New economic opportunities: Women’s entrepreneurship in the HKH

8 December 2011: Youth Forum – Empowering youth in Earth observation information for climate action in the Himalayas, Islamabad, Pakistan

Andreas Schild

National Youth Forum on Mountain Issues and Post 2015 Development Agenda

Regional Water-Energy-Food Nexus Workshop Held in Kathmandu

SERVIR-supported students honoured at Annual Research Symposium

Dhananjai Mohan

Youth Engagement at ICIMOD

My View

APYF 2011

Agricultural diversification not a choice but a necessity

News from Himalica