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Plastic film technology

Kiwi fruit cultivation

Hedgerow technology

Water use master plan

Riverbed farming

Riverbank protection

A river basin has common biophysical, economic, social, and cultural attributes, which facilitate relations among those who live in them who share common resources and related issues. Water resources assessment tools are needed to promote meaningful

Land distribution and allocation for riverbed farming

Tomato grafting

Learning about no-till methods through farmer-to-farmer dissemination

Protected gullies – a traditional sustainable land management practice

Community efforts for improving drinking water quality

Local initiatives for rehabilitating degraded communal grazing land

About the Factsheets

Landslip and stream bank stabilisation

Drinking water quality improvement through conservation measures

Participatory hedgerow management

Sharing labour to implement contour bunding

Polypit nursery

connecting numerous ecosystems and conserving biodiversity, sustaining livelihoods, providing timber and other resources and guarding