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Researchers, policy makers, and development practitioners in China, India, and Nepal need to actively collaborate to improve and share knowledge on managing water resources in the Koshi River basin by integrating livelihoods and gender as core

database and information system to identify potential water harvesting

Farmer-to-farmer diffusion

Legume integration


Sustainable Soil Management Programme (SSMP)


Knowledge Forum with Elinor Ostrom: Governing and Managing Forests and Other Commons in a Period of Climate Change

ICIMOD Feature Story for World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Improved cattleshed for urine collection

Key Achievements (SDIP I)

Improved farmyard manure through sunlight, rain and runoff protection

Organic pest management

Improved cattleshed for urine collection

Improved compost preparation

Better quality farmyard manure through improved decomposition

Treadle pump

Using the fact sheets

Good practices

We support regional transboundary programmes through partnership with regional partner institutions, facilitate the exchange of experience, and serve as a regional knowledge hub. We strengthen networking among regional and global centres of