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The training was attended by 24 participants (four women and 20 men). Climate change effects were analyzed from the perspective of sustainable cardamom production and productivity. The implementation of climate-resilient practices along the cardamom

What the ICT for Mountain Development 2016 winners say ?

REDD in Media

684. Blog

The six expedition team members carried out annual glacier mass balance measurements, measured snow density, downloaded data and maintained the hydrological station.

A team of eight people from Nepal supported by ICIMOD’s Himalica and HICAP programmes visited Haryana and Delhi in India from 5-10 December 2016 under the coordination of CYMMIT-India to learn about climate-smart agricultural practices as well as

as a part of the Cryosphere Initiative funded by the Government of Norway.

Open burning is common in the HKH and a convenient way for farmers to eliminate of large quantities of crop residue. This practice also serves to prepare fields for the next crop cycle – wheat in spring and rice in summer.

Conservation and Development Initiative (KSLCDI), with support from the District Agriculture Development Office, organized a local crop diversity fair in the village in 2016. Badal is part of a women’s group that collected

The starting point of the paper is that the concept of climate refugees is flawed. As numerous studies have highlighted, it builds on a simplistic understanding of the interaction between ecological conditions and socio-economic processes; it

Connecting Terrestrial ‘Islands’ to Promote Biological Diversity

Cherrapunjee-Chittagong Landscape

693. Aim

Earth Observation for Climate Change Resilient Mountain Communities

695. NEWS

ICIMOD observes partnership with Myanmar

Asia–Pacific youth issue declaration for mountain issues

11 December 2011: Celebrating International Mountain Day and Launch of the World Mountain Forum

Training in Earth Observation Empower Youth in Bangladesh to Take Action

Earth observation to empower youth for climate actions