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A new project brings together researchers from China, india, and nepal to study sediment dynamics in the Koshi basin

The Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (HKPLCDI) brings Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Tajikistan together in a collaborative effort to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the

REDD in Media

Basanta Raj Shrestha

Pradeep K. Mool

World Climate Change: India plans women-friendly agricultural equipment 22 Jun 2016, Published in Business Standard Climate Change: India plans women-friendly agricultural equipment 22 Jun 2016, Published in Yahoo India News, IANS

21 16 Dec 2015, Published in India Water Portal 五大流域气候水资源图揭示喜马拉雅山区未来走向—新闻—科学网 14 Dec 2015, Published in The Himalayan Climate and Water Atlas 12 Nov 2015 Award for

World Water Day 2017

ICIMOD’s strong response to the Gorkha Earthquake was recognized in 2015 with the ESRI Humanitarian Award, which honoured ICIMOD for the quick, targeted and effective way in which its local responders and global experts were brought together to

Cherrapunjee-Chittagong Landscape

The worldwide rapid response team, coordinated by ICIMOD, inventoried landslides and mapped dangerous obstructions such as landslide-dammed lakes and rivers, sharing the results quickly with the Government of Nepal and aid agencies and later with

A team of atmospheric scientists, responding to a request from the Home Ministry, set up an office at the Nepal Army hangar to support rescue and relief flight planning. Using satellite remote sensing and GIS technology, ICIMOD helped to identify

Cherrapunjee-Chittagong Landscape

ICIMOD’s work in India to develop the value chain for tulsi made notable strides this year as farmers moved beyond basic production and enhanced their capacities in product improvement and marketing, which meant more profit for rural women.

KL Publications

Rajan Kotru

137. Themes

Compared to cities on flat open plains, cities surrounded by or next to high mountains face additional challenges in managing air quality. The mountains influence ventilation by blocking or channeling air flow.

Villagers in Nepal are joining the space age by learning simple ways of using satellite technology to monitor the health of nearby forests and watersheds.

2015 Gorkha earthquake