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A step towards timely flood forecasting -- Satellite rainfall estimation comes to South Asia

The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) sources of 10 major river systems in Asia that provide water, ecosystem services, and livelihoods to more than 210 million people. The region holds and distributes water for more than 1.3 billion peopleā€”a fifth of the

Production of Handbooks and Manuals for Independent Work

The conference, held from 16 to 19 February, brought together more than 80 researchers, policy makers, journalists, and practitioners from the four countries sharing the Indus basin, as well as international experts and representatives of

Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya

River Basins

Methodology and Progress Review Workshop: Land Use and Land Cover Change, Erosion and Sedimentation Assessment over the Koshi River basin

Publications from the Koshi Basin Programme

50. Maps