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Building capacity for grassroots action

Third Regional Meeting for Kangchenjunga Landscape Initiative

Babar Khan is a natural resource management professional. He holds a Ph.D in Ecology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an MSc in Agriculture from the Agricultural University, Peshawar.

Four journalists from Bhutan awarded the ICIMOD Media Fellowship 2014

Bhutan, India, and Nepal agree on a regional cooperation framework for conservation and development in the Kangchenjunga Landscape


High level delegates from the governments of Bhutan, India, and Nepal emphasized the need for regional cooperation on strengthening the potential and benefits of tourism in the Kangchenjunga landscape.

Symposium presents blueprint for third generation perspectives on transboundary cooperation


A local crop diversity fair in Khar VDC of Api-Nampa Conservation area of Kailash landscape of Nepal was organised at a local level to raise public awareness on good management of local crop genetic resources, identify rare and unique species,

Symposium on mountain forestry makes policy recommendations

Kangchenjunga Landscape Initiative

34. Blog

Transforming Mountain Forestry

Opportunities and Challenges in Conserving Biodiversity in Transboundary Landscapes

HI-AWARE Researchers Learn about Climate Vulnerability Issues in the Nepal Part of the Gandak Basin

Bridging transboundary challenges with 21st century paradigms for the welfare of mountain people, forests and environment in the Hindu Kush Himalayas