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Ecosystems provide a network of services to communities that help sustain livelihoods. Integration of earth observation data with GIS makes it possible to quantify the supplies and demands of ecosystem services and provide reliable data for

Science Applications

Soil Management

International Mountain Day 2012

Private sector engagement in Bhutan

It’s high time businesses invested in mountain ecosystem management

Organic pest management

Soil Management

Sweet adaptation to climate change in the Himalayas

Farmer field schools on integrated plant nutrient systems

Family Farming for Food Security and Prosperity in the Mountains

Indigenous Honeybees and Honey Hunters of Himalayas: A case of Apis laboriosa in Kaski District of Nepal

Improved cattleshed for urine collection

The theme for this year’s International Mountain Day is ‘Mountain Farming’. This is an opportunity to raise awareness about how mountain agriculture, which is predominantly family farming, has been a model for sustainable development for

Farmer-to-farmer diffusion


Farmer-led experimentation

Improved cattleshed for urine collection

Kiwi fruit cultivation on sloping land in the mid-hill areas of Nepal can help prevent soil erosion and is a sustainable land management practice. This high value crop introduces biodiversity and improves livelihoods by providing a source of cash

Special Event - Business Opportunities in Himalayan Ecosystem Management - 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit