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Biodynamic composting

Participatory hedgerow management

Hedgerow technology

Plastic film technology

Using Salix plants to protect stream banks

No-till garlic cultivation

International Development Enterprises (IDE) Nepal

Improved farmyard manure through sunlight, rain and runoff protection

Participatory action research on drip irrigation

Integrated watershed management for landslip and stream bank stabilisation

Improving terraces with farmers

Vegetation Management

The web app on climate change vulnerability of forest ecosystems provides information about the current relationships between climate variables and biophysical variables depicting functioning of forests. The application also provides VDC level

The small grant and small scale application programmes were started in July 2014 with the aim to expand the network of organizations, universities, and institutions in the HKH region to improve capacity in evidence-based decision making...

Workshop on Value Chain Identification in the Karakoram Pamir Landscape

Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research, and Development (LI-BIRD)

Farmer-led experimentation

Better quality farmyard manure through improved decomposition


Improved compost preparation