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Expedition to Rikha Samba Glacier, Nepal

Joint Expedition to Yala Glacier

Glacier Mass Balance setup in the Rikha Shamba Glacier in Hidden Valley in Nepal


Expedition to Rikha Samba Glacier

on processing and analyzing glacier mass balance data

Twenty-one participants attended a four-day training “Introduction to Data Analysis with R” organised by the Cryosphere initiative of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) held at ICIMOD headquarters 12 January to

Monitoring Himalayan Glaciers

ICIMOD releases data on glaciers and river basins of the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Remote Sensing-based Monitoring and Assessment of Cryosphere – Snow and Glaciers

Mountain Legacy, a Nepal-based NGO, has announced that Peruvian engineer César Augusto Portocarrero Rodríguez will receive the 2017 Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal at the Hotel Tibet International in Boudhanath, Kathmandu, on 11 December

Water generated in the high mountains of the Himalayas plays a critical role in the major rivers of Asia and in the lives of people that live there. A new mini-documentary produced by Science Media, in collaboration with scientists from Utrecht

Remote sensing based monitoring and assessment of Cryosphere - Snow and Glaciers

Glacier hydrologists, glaciologists and other experts working in related fields at ICIMOD and its partner institutes work regularly at high altitudes (between 4,000 to 6,000 meters) to collect data on Glacier mass balance, snow, weather and

Workshop on Geodetic Glacier Mass Balance Assessments

116. Snow

Training course on Glacier Mass Balance and Glacio-hydrology

Big data. Small data. Spatial data. Socio-economic data. Time-series data. Data in the cloud. Data on the ground. No matter what data you collect or what field you work in, if you have data it will require analysis. This four-day training will

Increasing precipitation and glacier melt keep Asia’s rivers flowing