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Samjwal Ratna Bajracharya, Remote Sensing Specialist at ICIMOD, was nominated for Prabal Janasewashree (IV) Award for his notable contribution to glacier research.

Explore cryosphere-related science applications.

Field-based hydro-meteorological observations and monitoring

Training on remote sensing-based monitoring and assessment

Cryosphere e-bulletin is a quarterly issue. The purpose of the bulletin is to serve the updates and information of the cryosphere programme to partners, researchers, students, and public in timely manner.

The majestic Himalaya draws its name from snow. “Himalaya” is descriptive term in Sanskrit which translates to “abode of snow”. However, snow cover area is decreasing in Himalaya as it is the world over. Global warming is further

In the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, many people live near permafrost or in areas potentially affected by changes in permafrost. Permafrost is ground material at or below 0°C for two or more years. The near-surface layer above it thaws during the

Over 70 percent of Everest glacier's volume may be lost by 2100: Study 27 May 2015, Published in ‘Over 70% of Everest glacier may be lost by 2100’ 27 May 2015, Published in Everest’s glaciers in Peril 27 May

Production of Handbooks and Manuals for Independent Work

Against the unparalleled backdrop of Everest and Nuptse, the late November sun warms the glaciologist slightly as he prepares for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) survey flight...

on Geo-hazards continued to map and

Ice volume estimates are crucial for assessing water reserves stored in glaciers. A variety of different methodologies exist but there is a lack of systematic comparative analysis thereof...

Mountain Geoportal

174. News

Participants learn geodetic approach

Cryosphere monitoring 2

New paper provides insight on temperature and precipitation gradients in the Langtang Valley of Nepal

The objective of the capacity building and training programme is to enhance and strengthen the capacities of forest institutions in Nepal in utilising geo-information, and applying spatial tools and techniques to support planning and decision-making

This issue contains news, events, blog activities carried out and publications produced by Cryosphere initiative.

the region: the Indus, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Salween and