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Nakul Chettri

ICIMOD has developed significant expertise on wetlands in the Hindu Kush Himalayas over the course of a number of research projects and pilots on wetlands resources, including knowledge on improved management of wetland resources.

How is climate change impacting water resources in the Himalayas? That’s a big question, and now there’s a comprehensive atlas that policy makers and practitioners can turn to for answers and information.

ICIMOD is helping communities along the route to improve sanitation, manage waste effectively, and end open defecation. Entrepreneurs are also catering more effectively to the large numbers of Indian and Nepali pilgrims who are vegetarians, learning

Hub National portal for geospatial data launched in Bhutan 15 Oct 2014, Published in Mountain Forum National portal for geospatial data launched in Bhutan 15 Oct 2014, Published in INFOANDINA National portal for geospatial data launched in

SERVIR-Himalaya Small Grants Programme Kick-off Workshop

The Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), in partnership with the United States Embassy in Nepal and the International Centre for Mountain Development (ICIMOD), are jointly organizing the Miss Tech 2017

The International Conference on Biodiversity, Climate Change Assessment, and Impacts on Livelihood was organized in Kathmandu from 10-12 January 2017. The three-day event brought together 300 national and 100 international scientists, policy makers,

National Training on Satellite Remote Sensing based Crop Monitoring Systems

Umesh Upadhyaya

Spatial Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Two Major Cash Crops in Nepal

Chi Huyen Truong

Brij Mohan Singh

Mountains may be rugged and majestic, but they’re also fragile environments that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The high peaks of the Himalayas are a vast storehouse of water in frozen form, with the world’s greatest

The focus of the training will be on the use of 30-meter elevation SRTM-2 datasets, which are freely and publicly available, and are extremely valuable for addressing critical issues impacted by Earth’s topography, including water flow, heavy

Rajan Kotru

A Geospatial-scenario planning framework for Assessing risks and impacts of forest fire

KSLCDI Components

Basanta Raj Shrestha

Board of Governors