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Press Release

World Water Day 2011

163. Themes


Collaborative Action Research on Pollination

Statement for Press Conference: Bhutan+10 - Dr Ritu Verma

A one-day workshop was held 22 September 2015 to increase the participation of women and marginalised groups in local-level water management in Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli, and Saptari districts of the Koshi Basin. Part of a joint initiative between

Key results

action research to develop Water Use Master Plans (WUMPs) from the beginning of 2014. This action research is piloted in

I’m an economist (PhD 2005) specializing in non-market and non-traditional valuation metrics for environment and d...

Hydro-powering regional development in India and Nepal 03 Feb 2017, Published in East Asia Forum Hydro-powering regional development in India and Nepal 13 Jan 2017,

Climate Smart Value Chain Development 24 Nov 2015 - 27 Nov 2015 Poverty reduction of

KSLCDI National Orientation Workshop: Programme Awareness and Implementation Strategy

Intervention Strategies - Bees and Pollination Portal

Regional Water-Energy-Food Nexus Workshop Held in Kathmandu

Allo (Girardinia diversifolia), or Himalayan nettle, is traditionally used in Nepal to make cloth. Its bark contains fibres that are strong and smooth, with a silky lustre.

Regional Workshop on Climate Change Impacts in Asian Mountains