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Haiya Zhang

Bidhubhusan Mahapatra

Pakistan enhances its support to ICIMOD

Vanisa Surapipith

Building on the existing physical and human resources can contribute a lot to enhancing people’s livelihoods in the pilot villages. The initiatives plan to do this by engaging the economically active population especially the rural unemployed

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Ashistha Joshi

International Women

Women Environment Leader


International Women’s Day celebrated in Pakistan

Nabindra Raj Shrestha

Kiran Man Shrestha

Nand Kishor Agrawal

Pramila Bajracharya (Shrestha)

e-discussion on Sustainable Mountain Development in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region

177. Agenda

International Women’s Day (IWD) has over the years become a landmark event in the annual activity calendar of ICIMOD. The Gender Resource Team (GReaT team), a dedicated team of gender champions from different streams within ICIMOD, and the gender

Today, stories of climate change, glaciers melting, landslides, and water scarcity overload our everyday lives. The stories of environmental degradation are so overwhelming that there is a sense that we cannot really do anything about it. Yet, there

Anja Møller Rasmussen