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The increased participation of women in economic activities is perceived to be a sign of empowerment. Development targets such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise on the

New programme in Salween-Mekong basin targets women’s adaptation to climate change

New Reports Identify Impacts of Climate Change on World’s Highest Mountains

ICIMOD is seeking a GIS database developer/programmer, in its Afghanistan Office to support MAIL’s GIS Unit in implementing the development and maintenance of various applications.

Development of Agricultural Drought Monitoring Services in Bangladesh 17 Aug 2017 The

Working closely with the SERVIR Applied Science team, SERVIR-HKH is implementing weather research and long- and short-term forecasting models, and deploying climate services for consumption across other service areas—agriculture and droughts.

SERVIR in Afghanistan

109. HICAP
HICAP is a pioneering collaboration among three organizations – CICERO, ICIMOD, and GRID-Arendal – aimed at contributing to enhanced resilience of mountain communities, particularly women, through improved understanding of vulnerabilities,

“Good science a must to address climate change in the HKH region”

Let us move beyond the description of the problem, to putting our heads together to find solutions...

Mr Ashok Mishra, India

Up to 18 thousand gross tonnes of carbon are stored in worldwide soils, almost double the amount stored in all terrestrial plants and over three times that of the atmospheric pool...

Discussions on the preliminary findings of a recent socio-economic survey conducted on 1,600 households in 11 districts around the Koshi embankments were held at a workshop in Patna, Bihar on 26 September...

Satellite Rainfall Estimation

Satellite Rainfall Estimation II

Sara Ahmed is Senior Program Specialist at the International Development Research Centre, Canada.

Preview of a seminal report on COP19 sidelines

World Water Day 2011

In recognition of the benefits of agroforestry, ICIMOD, through its REDD Initiative, is promoting the intercropping of paulownia, a deciduous hardwood, and coffee on agricultural lands...