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2013 Monsoon Floods in Nepal and India: What happened and what could have been done?

64. About

Module two of the Certificate Programme in Climate Change was held in Bharatpur from 15-16 March 2017. The programme was organized by Chitwan District Coordination Committee (DCC) with technical support from Practical Action and ICIMOD. There were a

ICIMOD session at the IDRC in Davos, Switzerland

This national consultation workshop will introduce the new Common Fund for Commodities (CFC)-funded project in Nepal to the Government of Nepal, multilateral donors, the private sector, and civil society organizations. This project aims to

68. India

69. News

HKH Region

A community-based flood early warning system (CB-FEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans to detect and respond to flood emergencies. It’s managed by the communities themselves and, if properly designed and implemented, can make the

Press Release


Koshi Basin Programme News

risk reduction primarily focuses on mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The Sendai Framework for Disaster risk reduction (2015 – 2030) has identified four priorities for action: understanding Disaster risk; strengthening

Preparing for the increasing threat of climate change on population movements

ICIMOD participates in the roundtable meetings on DRR in New Delhi, India

Monsoon season in South Asia has become a mixed blessing of late as heavy rains are needed for crop production, but also trigger floods and landslides that often negate the gains made through agriculture.

Integrated Water and Hazard Management