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Bhutan becomes first regional country to benefit from MODIS Snow Cover data prepared by ICIMOD SERVIR-Himalaya

Regional Consultation Workshop on MODIS Products and Services for Regional Environmental Applications and Automated Forest Cover Monitoring of Hot Spots using LANDSAT data

Enabling people of Chitwan district to manage forest fire

Integrating disaster resilience in ecosystems management

Towards a better understanding of water resources management in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Nepal is going through a phase of economic development, and consequently, a lot of water resources projects are being planned and constructed. Unfortunately, the country still takes the conventional project-by-project approach to development, which

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A new collaboration to manage forests

Within the framework of the global SERVIR program, the overall objective of SERVIR-HKH is to increase sustainable use of Earth observation information and geospatial technology in development decision-making in the Hindu Kush Himalaya.

route to improve sanitation, manage waste effectively, and end open defecation. Entrepreneurs are also catering more effectively to the large numbers of Indian and Nepali pilgrims who are vegetarians, learning to

17–23 April: Training on Hydrological and Meteorological Real Time Data Acquisition

Spring management

Managing water resources with satellite technology

ICIMOD Hosts Workshop to Improve Forest Fire Management in the Region

The symposium hosted by ICIMOD highlighted some key issues related to wetlands. Attendees emphasised the importance of science, policy and practice, the inclusion of community voices and the lack of research for basic adaptive methods in wetlands...

HKH-HYCOS Regional Training on Database Management

Urgent need for biodiversity data for the Himalayan Region

Partner Relationships Management (PRM) System Version 2.0 was launched coinciding with planning and review meeting of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICI-MOD) on 5 September by Board member Mr. Muhammad Abid Javed,

collaborative action in managing rangeland resources. It has

Decision support system for rapti river flood management.