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Transboundary Landscape Conservation

Geoinformation and RS

Bangladesh Mountain Day Message


Key Mission

Anna Sinisalo

Thematic Group Meeting held in Islamabad, Pakistan in July 2015.

Regional Training on “Glacio-Hydrological Modelling using the SPHY Model”


Workshop on Geodetic Glacier Mass Balance Assessments

Many records indicate that the trend of rising temperatures is more significant in mountain regions than adjacent lowlands. Climate models also suggest that the future will bring greater temperature increase and more erratic precipitation.

To discuss the extent to which open burning of agricultural residue and waste causes black carbon emissions and to explore mitigation options, a two-day long conference titled ‘Mitigation of Emissions from Open Agricultural Burning in the Wider

Thematic Group Meeting held in Islamabad, Pakistan in November 2014.

Fozia Kanwal

Part of the climate change experienced in the Himalayan region is a result of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which can remain in the atmosphere and impact the climate for centuries.

Transboundary Landscapes