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321. China
and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner

Promoting Beekeeping Enterprises for Improving Pollination Services, Mountain Livelihoods and Resilience

Voices from the Field

Young minds come up with solutions to address global challenges

325. Bhutan
and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner institutions in

326. China
and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner

In the state of Mizoram in India, an acre of land is capable of producing turmeric worth as much as INR 150,000. Turmeric farmers currently rely on shifting cultivation to farm the precious crop, but with support, they would like to transition to

from the Bhutanese business community, visited the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) headquarters in Kathmandu

New economic opportunities: Women’s entrepreneurship in the HKH

ICIMOD establishes knowledge partners

Joint call for South-South and Regional Cooperation to tackle climate change challenges

Message from the Director General on International Women

Different approaches

Course on Gender- Integrated Planning

335. Events

and how big. Science has not developed enough to predict earthquakes and even California in US is still struggling to develop reliable


Changing Perspectives on Flood Risk Management in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region - 6th World Water Forum

Component 4

Approximately 45 national and international experts on the Upper Indus Basin and media persons will observe glacier monitoring stations, hydrological stations, and weather stations installed by the Pakistan Meteorological Department, Water and Power