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performance-based climate mitigation framework REDD+ encourages the reduction of emissions related to deforestation and forest degradation, and removals through enhanced forest carbon stocks and improved forest management. These activities

Regional REDD+ Initiative

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National Training on Satellite Remote Sensing based Crop Monitoring Systems

At an elevation of 5250 metres above sea level, a bamboo stake, about an arm’s length, stuck out oddly against the white backdrop of Yala glacier. It was one of the nine bamboo stakes installed by researchers from the International Centre for

Australia extends its expertise in water resource management to Asia

Thematic Group Meeting held in Islamabad, Pakistan in November 2014.

About REDD

There is a growing recognition that countries of the Indus River Basin face major and changing threats to their future water security and thus to their peoples’ critical food and energy needs...

Water Induced Risk



The performance of glaciohydrological models which simulate catchment response to climate variability depends to a large degree on the data used to force the models.

Family Farming for Food Security and Prosperity in the Mountains

Permafrost scoping meeting held at ICIMOD


UIB Field Visit

Goal and Objectives

Component 5

Faisal Mueen Qamar