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National Training on Satellite Remote Sensing based Crop Monitoring Systems

Norwegian Government and ICIMOD launch wide-ranging Climate and Development programmes in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region

Under HICAP’s communications and outreach component, GRID-Arendal and ICIMOD will hold a training workshop for journalists from 28 September to 3 October 2015 in Kathmandu...

Participants exchanged knowledge, strengthened networks, and engaged in discussions that led to recommendations on issues such as flood zoning, environmental protection, contextspecific adaptation strategies, and the importance of strong

Regional Hands-on Training on Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CB-FEWS)

Inception workshop - Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme Upper Salween-Mekong Basin

Agriculture ecosystem

Mountain Environment Regional Information System

can boost a community’s resilience to disaster. But would that prove to be the case after the 2015 earthquake, or would the lack of youth to help with rescue and reconstruction mean that, in practice,

Coverages Understanding Resilience 29 Oct 2017, Published in The Kathmandu Post Mitigating Flooding and Drought through Data for Decision-Making 24 Oct 2017, Published in Earthzine Emerging from fear: Flood-control interventions in

The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) are crucially important region for the world. These mountains serve as the ‘Water Towers of Asia’, providing water to over 1.3 billion people, and a number of other services, including food, biodiversity, and

Web-based Landslide Early Warning System for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area

Food security

Wireless flood early warning system tested

75. Water
Much of the water originates around the highest mountains on earth, a region often called “the third pole” because of its immense concentration of snow and ice, the largest outside the Arctic and Antarctic. Relying on a complex interplay of

Panel discussion with International and Regional Experts on Climate Change and its Relevance to Us

Lessons from Bihar’s climate smart village

Prototype of Community-Based Flood Early Warning System Installed at Godavari Knowledge Park

Spatial Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Two Major Cash Crops in Nepal