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Science Applications

Regional Journalists’ Workshop in Northeast India

Spring management

Scientists come together to discuss connections between air pollution and the Asian summer monsoon

Pakistan is taking to fight climate change 21 Mar 2017 Growth linked to farmer-friendly policies 08 Mar 2017 Workshop on climate Smart Mountain Livelihood Diversification Options held in Islamabad 22 Feb 2017 climate change: Pakistan at

Part of the climate change experienced in the Himalayan region is a result of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which can remain in the atmosphere and impact the climate for centuries.

Experts agree to collaborate on Indus Basin Programme

Adaptation knowledge gaps have been identified, repeatedly, as a barrier to widespread and successful adaptation actions. The Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI) recognises this challenge. Initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention


Guidelines for Paper

AdaptHKH Vision


Call for Applications: Training Workshop for Journalists in Northeast India

Young professionals learn new ideas on enhancing adaptation in the mountains

My main focus at GRID-Arendal is on communicating and advocating mountain and Arctic climate and environment issue...


ICIMOD research argues that a ’nexus approach’ should be incorporated into future climate change adaptation strategies

Let us move beyond the description of the problem, to putting our heads together to find solutions...

International Women’s Day (IWD) has over the years become a landmark event in the annual activity calendar of ICIMOD. The Gender Resource Team (GReaT team), a dedicated team of gender champions from different streams within ICIMOD, and the gender