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Up to 18 thousand gross tonnes of carbon are stored in worldwide soils, almost double the amount stored in all terrestrial plants and over three times that of the atmospheric pool...

The aim of youth forums is to raise awareness among young people, and help them understand climate change and take appropriate actions in their local communities.

163. NEWS

Sharing knowledge key to action on ground

formally launched its climate change certification programme in

Youth Forum

Programmes Adaptation to Change Programmes Adaptation to Change AdaptHimal HICAP Himalica

Message from Director General on International Women’s Day 2015

Regional Journalists’ Workshop in Northeast India

Scientists come together to discuss connections between air pollution and the Asian summer monsoon

Science Applications

Part of the climate change experienced in the Himalayan region is a result of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which can remain in the atmosphere and impact the climate for centuries.

Parties (COP 23) at the UN Climate Change Conference. At this global gathering, ICIMOD will co-organise


AdaptHKH Vision

Call for Applications: Training Workshop for Journalists in Northeast India

Side Event on Adaptation in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region: Lessons from an Integrated, Policy-relevant Research Programme

Experts agree to collaborate on Indus Basin Programme

Adaptation knowledge gaps have been identified, repeatedly, as a barrier to widespread and successful adaptation actions. The Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI) recognises this challenge. Initiated by the United Nations Framework Convention