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The small grant and small scale application programmes were started in July 2014 with the aim to expand the network of organizations, universities, and institutions in the HKH region to improve capacity in evidence-based decision making...

Clean Energy Access for Mountain People


News from Himalica

Mountain Environment Regional Information System

Science Applications


The training will enhance country level capacity for the development of future national forest monitoring systems for REDD in Myanmar.

Mountain Environment Regional Information System

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

As one of the world’s first carbon offset projects involving local communities in monitoring the carbon in their forests, the project provides valuable global learning on how to build the capacity of local stakeholders in implementing carbon

Knowledge generation and use

Bhutan is a landlocked kingdom characterised by high mountainous terrain and extensive forest cover. Over seventy percent of the country is covered in relatively well-preserved forest and is one of the ‘biodiversity hotspots’ of the world