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Just Had Another Massive Ice Avalanche 26 Oct 2016, Published in Brian Kahn Over 80 films from 28 countries to be screened in KIMFF 26 Oct 2016, Published in My Republica Heho Village locals get a new source of livelihood 25 Oct 2016,

Just Had Another Massive Ice Avalanche 26 Oct 2016, Published in Brian Kahn Melting glaciers may impact hydropower plans 15 Sep 2016, Published in environmentguru 冰川融化可能对水电计划产生影响 15 Sep 2016, Published in

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The Himalayan region faces a greater uncertainty of earthquakes and question come to peoples’ mind on when, where, and how big. Science has not developed enough to predict earthquakes and even California in US is still struggling to develop

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ICIMOD put together a team to conduct rapid needs assessment of its 34 local staff, representing just as many households, from Godavari and surrounding areas, as well as to provide them with relief materials to address their most urgent needs in the

How big earthquakes rattle spring dynamics

The villagers could hardly salvage anything from their granaries and are now completely dependent on food from the relief provided by the government and other organizations. Many want to rebuild their homes but are worried about finances...

A team from ICIMOD visited Sipapokhare VDC, one of the severely affected VDCs of Sindhupalchowk district, to provide relief materials...

Discussing a number of lessons learnt, this series of articles argue for a holistic approach to disaster preparedness and recovery, mainly focusing on the significance of livelihoods recovery. The authors also highlight the importance of cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions - resource on basic terminologies related to cryosphere.


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Chyangling VDC


DG’s message on the launch of The Impact of Nepal’s 2015 Gorkha Earthquake-Induced Geohazards

A special thematic issue of the Annals of Glaciology has recently been published by Cambridge University Press. The thirty-eight open access papers, written by research teams from around the globe, cover different aspects of glaciological research

The April 2015 earthquake had far reaching impacts in the HKH region. Although the epicentre was north-west of Kathmandu, Nepal, in the Tibet Autonomous Region

Kavre landslide maps