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Modelling tools determine future water availability and demand and have the potential to help planners and decision makers

when famers had to go to the agriculture office or listen to specific programmes – like JTA Ra Budhi Amai – aired on Radio Nepal for information related to agriculture. With recent technological advances, over 500 farmers in


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Reviving Springs and Providing Access to Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps (SPIP)

Challenges of hill communities in Nuwakot District

Solar powered irrigation pumps (SPIP) provides an alternative technology that has been tested widely in the region and has been found to be a technically proven and workable solution and is suited for all categories of farms – large holder, small


are the primary source of water for millions of people in the mid hills of the Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH). Both rural and urban communities depend on springs for meeting their drinking, domestic and agricultural water needs. Springs

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As she planted her batch of bitter gourds in Kalchhe Besi last year, Kamala Timalsina was unsure if they would survive. She wondered how her gourds and those of her fellow farmers’ would fare in the dry spell in the late winter.

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impact of climate change on agriculture 09 Mar 2013 Climate changes in the Himalaya: Farmers dealing with the