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82. NEWS



International Women’s Day 2014 Celebration at ICIMOD

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

Action research, piloting and up-scaling

Mountain Geoportal

90. News

Honeybees, through their pollination services, play a vital role in enhancing productivity of mountain crops, and maintaining natural biodiversity. Beekeepers provide pollination services to orchard/crop owners by renting out their bees in return


93. Blog

and Development Centers for Agriculture (AIRCA) presented and discussed different aspects of climate-smart Agriculture (CSA) contributing to healthy landscapes and improved livelihoods during the

Improved terraces

HICAP in the news

Farmer-to-farmer diffusion

impact of climate change on agriculture 09 Mar 2013 Climate changes in the Himalaya: Farmers dealing with the

technology addresses the soil erosion and water runoff problems associated with traditional outward-sloping terraces by reshaping the land into a series of level or gently sloping platforms across the slope. This technology is a variant of

USAID Administrator visits ICIMOD