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International Day for Disaster Reduction 2012

to Farmers and District Agricultural Office Staff from Argakhanchi Sustainable development programme launched 21 Feb 2017 REDD+ in Dolakha, Nepal: Making a Community Economically Independent Emissions Study in Lumbini Analyzes the


International Day for Disaster Reduction


Improved cattleshed for urine collection


Beekeeping is integral to the livelihoods of mountain farming households in several areas of the HKH region. It helps in improving livelihoods and food security of mountain people. Bees pollinate crops and plants and help in enhancing crop

189. Gender

Kiwi fruit cultivation on sloping land in the mid-hill areas of Nepal can help prevent soil erosion and is a sustainable land management practice. This high value crop introduces biodiversity and improves livelihoods by providing a source of cash

Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research, and Development (LI-BIRD)


Mountain Environment Regional Information System

Landslip and stream bank stabilisation

A multiple-use water system

Riverbed farming

Land distribution and allocation for riverbed farming

Biodynamic composting

India plans women-friendly agricultural equipment 22 Jun 2016, Published in Follownews Climate Change: India plans women-friendly agricultural equipment 22 Jun 2016, Published in The Financial Express Climate Change: India plans

Linking small primary producers to markets remains one of the major issues in improving liveli-hoods of the rural populations in Bhutan according to the chairman of Sarpang Poultry Associa-tion, Dr Karma Wangchuk...