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Action research, piloting and up-scaling

Knowledge Forum on Climate Resilient Development in the Himalayan and Downstream Regions

Sustainable Management of Beekeeping in Nepal: An Effort of ICIMOD

of man is none other than agriculture.” As a child, one of the first lessons I learned in school was that Nepal is an agricultural country and that

Mountain Geoportal

About the Project

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) identifies drought as one of the major climate risks in south Asia. The report projects that climate change will affect food security by the middle of the 21st

Agricultural diversification not a choice but a necessity

Air pollution has become part of life for people across large parts of Asia. Thick smog chokes cities and their inhabitants as black exhaust from diesel engines clogs the air on daily commutes.

Up to 18 thousand gross tonnes of carbon are stored in worldwide soils, almost double the amount stored in all terrestrial plants and over three times that of the atmospheric pool...

ICIMOD is seeking a GIS Specialist in its Afghanistan Office to support MAIL’s GIS Unit.


Uma Partap

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