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HICAP annual review and planning workshop

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Climate Change and Variability

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HICAP Publications

Policy Actions 26 May 2017 Upper Indus Basin (UIB) Network and Indus Forum (IF) Collaboration Meeting 22 May 2017 - 25 May 2017 Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May 2017 Expedition to Rikha Samba Glacier, Nepal


Partners in Poverty and Vulnerability Analysis

HICAP Annual Review and Planning Workshop with Promoters

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2015

is the main driver in the upper indus basin, particularly above timberline. At present, climate projections made for the indus Basin exhibit coarse resolution, poor representation of major features such as monsoon and

Climate Data in the Upper Indus Basin 20 Dec 2013 READ MORE ICIMOD Celebrates Three Decades for Mountains and People 20 Dec 2013 READ MORE Workshop Strengthens Cooperation in the Upper Indus Basin 19 Dec 2013 READ MORE Meeting

Partners Refine Strategy for Upper Indus Basin Initiative 31 Mar 2015 READ MORE Celebrating International Women’s Day 2015 31 Mar 2015 READ MORE SERVIR-Himalaya hosts SERVIR Hub Exchange Programme 27 Mar 2015 READ MORE

After three years of initial research conducted in partnership with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR), FutureWater, and several regional institutions, ICIMOD has been produced path-breaking research findings, which have not only been

Water Induced Risk

Pakistan and ICIMOD has been working in the area of capacity building, institutional strengthening, internships, research and demonstration, and regional and international workshops and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner

UIB Strategic Committee Meeting

Indus Initiative in collaboration with Future Water is organising its second regional training on ‘Spatial Process on Hydrology (SPHY) model’ from 14 to 18 December 2015. SPHY model is developed using the best available components of existing

Thematic Group Meeting held in Islamabad, Pakistan in August 2016.