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Conservation Farming


Different approaches

Vegetation Management


Green Manure

Workshop on Automated Forest Cover Monitoring in the HKH in collaboration with Global Forest Watch

Water is one of the basic necessities for life, and water scarcity is one of the most important limiting factors for sustainable development initiatives. Rural communities not only need clean water for drinking and basic hygiene, they also need

Shelter/Protection Belts

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Carbon Monitoring

Cultivation of fodder and grasses

Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research, and Development (LI-BIRD)


Using the participatory market chain approach to help smallholder farmers market their produce

About Innovation Fund Project

Kiwi fruit cultivation on sloping land in the mid-hill areas of Nepal can help prevent soil erosion and is a sustainable land management practice. This high value crop introduces biodiversity and improves livelihoods by providing a source of cash

Drip irrigation is a very water-efficient irrigation system. Water is dripped to individual plant root zones at low rates (2.25 l/hr) from emitters embedded in smalldiameter plastic pipes.


Basanta Raj Shrestha