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Janita Gurung

Voices from the field

Bhutan, India and Nepal formalize agreement for a new transboundary landscape initiative

Wise use of wetlands

NCDC wins National Mountain Development Award 2009

experiences in the forestry, soil conservation and watershed management and climate change sector of Nepal. He worked as Forest Officer at Department of Forests, District soil conservation Officer at different districts under

High level delegates from the governments of Bhutan, India, and Nepal emphasized the need for regional cooperation on strengthening the potential and benefits of tourism in the Kangchenjunga landscape.

ICIMOD celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity as a contribution to the International Year of Forests 2011

International Day for Biological Diversity


Contour Hedgerows

Non-solar Technologies

Check dams are small low structures built across a gully or a channel to prevent them from deepening further. These small dams reduce the speed of water flow and minimise the erosive power of runoff. They also promote the deposition of eroded

Contour bunding

Integrated watershed management for landslip and stream bank stabilisation

Cultivation Support

23 May 2011: ICIMOD celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity as a contribution to International Year of Forests 2011

Objectives and Approach - KLCDI

Knowledge base