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Solar pumps are as powerful as diesel pumps, but cleaner, less expensive, quieter, and easier to use. The operating cost, after the price of the pump itself, is essentially free. The added findings on gender equity could make them an even more

Knowledge generation and use

The Indian butter tree is a superb multitasker. It controls erosion, grows in poor soil, its seeds are made into butter, its flowers make a tasty honey – and it can help farmers out of poverty. That’s why it’s earned a role in value chain

Urine application through drip irrigation for bitter gourd production

IDB 2012

Integrating disaster resilience in ecosystems management

the way with ecotourism in protected areas 10 Jun 2015 Mobile application for reporting disaster events 10 Jun 2015 International Day for Biological Diversity-2015: ‘Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’ 10 Jun 2015 Interview with

Global network needed for ecological research in mountains

Bhutan, India and Nepal formalize agreement for a new transboundary landscape initiative

CBD-COP10 in Nagoya

Water is one of the basic necessities for life, and water scarcity is one of the most important limiting factors for sustainable development initiatives. Rural communities not only need clean water for drinking and basic hygiene, they also need

Nishikant Gupta

Landslip and stream bank stabilisation

Community efforts for improving drinking water quality


Black plastic covered farmyard manure

A multiple-use water system

In an effort to address Nepal’s post earthquake housing crisis, a new initiative is harnessing the country’s abundant bamboo resources to rebuild devastated communities and promote sustainable livelihoods. On 25 April 2015, a large earthquake

To achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Karakoram-Pamir-Wakhan landscape, ICIMOD is organising a five day regional consultation with key partners. The region links Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and China and is at

Karma Phuntsho