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Scaling Up Technologies

Meteorological Monitoring

ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Safeguards are procedures and approaches that ensure implementation of REDD+ activities by countries do no harm to people and the environment, and simultaneously enhance

The Indian butter tree is a superb multitasker. It controls erosion, grows in poor soil, its seeds are made into butter, its flowers make a tasty honey – and it can help farmers out of poverty. That’s why it’s earned a role in value chain

Knowledge generation and use

Integrating disaster resilience in ecosystems management

IDB 2012

Hindu Kush Karakoram Pamir Landscape

191. Gender


Legume integration

Urine application through drip irrigation for bitter gourd production

Polypit nursery

Riverbed farming

Biodiversity Conservation

Water is one of the basic necessities for life, and water scarcity is one of the most important limiting factors for sustainable development initiatives. Rural communities not only need clean water for drinking and basic hygiene, they also need

ICIMOD Shares Package of Good Practices from Nepal