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International Day for Disaster Reduction 2012

Governing and Managing Forests and Other Common Property Resources in a Period of Climate Change

Celebrating International Biological Diversity Day 2013 – 22 May

Bidya Banmali Pradhan

Workshop on Digital Agriculture Atlas 2013 and Remote Sensing Based Crop Monitoring System in Nepal

ICIMOD celebrates World Water Day

Hindu Kush-Himalayan countries will use a global platform to share biodiversity data

Roundtable on Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of the Upper Indus Basin on 25 January 2013

China, India, and Myanmar design collaboration for sustainable development in the Brahmaputra-Salween landscape

‘Connecting from Space to Village’ – enhancing understanding of climate change in the Himalayas

A project along the China-Nepal border aims to reduce the risk of disaster and to become an example of cross-border cooperation

Community-based flood early warning systems will help communities in the Koshi basin better prepare for a flood

ICIMOD research argues that a ’nexus approach’ should be incorporated into future climate change adaptation strategies

Koshi basin communities can now access up-to-date information on floods

In the southern part of the Koshi basin, the mountains and hills of the Himalayas flatten out to wide, stretching plains. These plains run along the Nepal-India border, and comprise some of the country’s most fertile land. More than half of

ICIMOD - Nepal Day highlights opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation

After a massive earthquake, ICIMOD responded with data, analysis, relief, and government support in the Koshi basin

Research suggests that a cooperative, river basin approach to water resources management can be beneficial to all countries

HI-AWARE – a research programme on adaptation, water, and resilience in glacier and snowpack dependent river basins of the region – brought together policy makers and practitioners from Nepal for a two-day workshop to share initial results of