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The SERVIR-Himalaya ( was established in October 2010 as a joint initiative of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and ICIMOD and

progress review workshop: Land use and Land cover change, Erosion and Sedimentation assessment over the Koshi River basin 29 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 2014 National Conservation Day 23 Sep 2014 Asia Pacific Youth Forum and Training Workshop 2014,

Knowledge generation and use

Training Course: Deforestation and Forest Degradation Mapping and Monitoring Using Multi-Sale Geo-spatial Methods in the Context of REDD+ Initiatives

MORE National Training on Satellite Remote Sensing based Crop Monitoring Systems 05 Nov 2014 - 07 Nov 2014 READ MORE Workshop on Land Cover and Land Use Change (LCLUC) Dynamics in South and South East AsiaWorkshop on Land Cover and Land Use

in Bhutan 28 Sep 2015 Landslide early warning system for Chittagong Metropolitan area, Bangladesh 24 Sep 2015 Improved methods to measure forest above-ground biomass in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region through satellites 24 Sep 2015

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According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon

Kiran Shakya

The Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development in the Chittagong Hill Tracts is now part of the Bangladesh Planning Commission’s seventh five-year plan, which means that donors and agencies who engage in development work in the area will be

ICIMOD’s work in India to develop the value chain for tulsi made notable strides this year as farmers moved beyond basic production and enhanced their capacities in product improvement and marketing, which meant more profit for rural women.

If energy and water are subsidized to boost crop production, could it lead to more and cheaper food but a shrinking, degraded water supply? Growing crops for biofuels might promise more abundant, cleaner energy, but what happens to food security

In the mountains, permafrost stabilizes rock slopes, moraines and debris-covered slopes. For instance, moraines consist of loose sediment often held together by permafrost. When permafrost thaws, slopes become more vulnerable to erosion. Debris and

provided by Earth observing satellites and geospatial technologies for managing climate risks and land use. READ MORE National training workshop on measurement and monitoring of forests in the context of REDD+ MRV (Measurement

experts 04 May 2015 Satellite image shows lethal landslide caused by Nepal quake 03 May 2015 Disaster and recovery: The unexpected shall come to be expected 02 May 2015 Nepal quake: Why are some tremors so deadly? 01 May 2015 Nepal