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he International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)-Pakistan Country Consultation is organised with the support of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan.


Regional Programmes



Adaptation to Change

Kailash Sacred Landscape Initiative KSLCDI Home


NCDC wins National Mountain Development Award 2009

New economic opportunities: Women’s entrepreneurship in the HKH

Hindu Kush-Himalayan region: Biodiversity management needs regional cooperation

Mountain Environment Regional Information System


Knowledge Management and Communication

In the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, many people live near permafrost or in areas potentially affected by changes in permafrost. Permafrost is ground material at or below 0°C for two or more years. The near-surface layer above it thaws during the

Regional Information

Capacity Building for Improved Monitoring of Snow, Ice and Water Resources in the INDUS Basin

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