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An external review team comprising of Mr Julian Gayfer, Professor Madhoolika Agrawal and Dr Vijay Shrestha from IOD PARC will review and assess the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) and the Atmosphere Initiatives.

HICAP Components

HICAP Promoters Committee Meeting

HICAP Promoters

HICAP 记者基金项目

HICAP in the news

ICIMOD, as a regional intergovernmental learning and knowledge sharing centre in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, has taken various steps to support south-south dialogue in the region. In August this year, a regional expert symposium held in Dali

HICAP conference on ‘Climate Change Adaptation: Priorities for Research, Policy and Practices in Northeast India’

HICAP Promoters Committee Meeting

Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) - Regional Journalist Workshop

HICAP’s Work on Gender Applauded at CRM Expert Working Group Meeting

HICAP Annual Review and Planning Workshop with Promoters

HICAP Scoping Study in Yunnan

HICAP work on ecosystem valuation presented at the Fifth World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

HICAP donors visit research sites

Review and Planning of HICAP Activities in the Salween and Mekong Basins

Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP). These products demonstrated

HICAP Planning and Team Building Workshop with Promotors

HICAP Workshop with Partners and Promotors