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Climate Crisis Extreme warming can present a number of difficulties to communities in mountainous areas 09 Jun 2017 SERVIR-HKH team attends service planning exchange 02 Jun 2017 Cooperatives prepare business plans to promote agroforestry

change resulting from global warming Act now before it is too late 09 Oct 2014, Published in Daily News Asia Pacific Youth Forum –An experience 04 Oct 2014 Scientific studies suggested at Sindhupalchok landslip site 19 Aug 2014,

Himalaya-Tibetan Region to Global Warming and Air Pollution 22 Mar 2011 Governing and Managing Forests and Other Common Property Resources in a Period of Climate Change 06 Dec 2010

glaciers thaw fast with warming in threat to hydro power, farms 18 Aug 2015 Rich forest diversity found in new Yunnan, China preserve 15 Jul 2015 China's surprising climate progress 15 Jun 2015 A grape story: From France to the

(LULUCF) assessment at the global level, using Collect Earth. Collect Earth is a user-friendly Free and Open Source software that is used for land monitoring through the augmented visual interpretation of freely available satellite images. The