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Knowledge Forum with Elinor Ostrom: Governing and Managing Forests and Other Commons in a Period of Climate Change

South Asia media workshop calls for better understanding and increased attention on adaptation to climate change

Mountains cover 22 percent of the world’s land surface and are home to some 915 million people, representing 13 percent of global population. With an area coverage of four million square kilometres, the Hindu Kush Himalayan region provides home to

104. News

National portal for geospatial data launched in Bhutan

Environment Regional Information System Himalayan University Consortium Mountain Environment and Natural Resources Information System (MENRIS) Knowledge Management and Communication Administration Budget and Finance

Migration and Remittances

in statistical analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, environmental modeling, and landscape

Combating the Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity in the Himalayas

Training in Earth Observation Empower Youth in Bangladesh to Take Action

China, India and Nepal Strengthen Cooperation to Conserve the Kailash Sacred Landscape

Suocheng Dong is a leading Professor of Knowledge and Innovation Base at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Remote sensing technology for high mountain ecosystems

Forum reveals new possibilities for water induced disaster management in the Koshi basin

with Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) during the 33rd International Geographical Congress in

Aditi Mukherji

covers more than 31,000 km2 geographical area and is spread across China, India, and Nepal. It exhibits diverse vegetation, starting from tropical forest at around 800m altitude to alpine steppe found at altitude higher than

The project ‘Engaging Local Citizens to Map Environmental, Agriculture and Food Security Data’ explores the use of free and open infrastructure of OpenStreetMap (OSM) to map data related to environment, agriculture, and food security...

PVA findings helped IFAD in geographical and social targeting, while the inputs for migration and remittances and those for climate change adaptation have contributed to IFAD’s design of concept notes for two investment programmes – one on