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Faisal Mueen Qamar

Bhaskar Singh Karky

HICAP Components

Amina Maharjan

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Regional Training Workshop on Developing Pro Poor Value Chains with Country Partners

The World Water Day provides us an opportunity to join our friends and colleagues from the Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH) and the rest of the world in creating awareness about the importance of water for human and ecosystem wellbeing towards achieving

Anju Pandit

Bhupesh Adhikary

Golam Rasul

Strategic Framework

Food security

Dhrupad Choudhury

Sudip Pradhan

Pakistan and ICIMOD has been working in the area of capacity building, institutional strengthening, internships, research and demonstration, and regional and international workshops and conferences, among other activities. ICIMOD`s partner



Upstream and downstream are connected. So are natural resources and human livelihoods. Improving the management of water resources in the Hindu Kush Himalayas means recognizing those connections and building them into policy making and development