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We all know that water is essential for drinking, health, cleanliness, electricity, and the environment, but most people tend to underestimate the importance of water for food production. We also tend to take for granted the many actions required to

The project ‘Engaging Local Citizens to Map Environmental, Agriculture and Food Security Data’ explores the use of free and open infrastructure of OpenStreetMap (OSM) to map data related to environment, agriculture, and food security...

Regional REDD+ Initiative

A team of eight people from Nepal supported by ICIMOD’s Himalica and HICAP programmes visited Haryana and Delhi in India from 5-10 December 2016 under the coordination of CYMMIT-India to learn about climate-smart agricultural practices as well as

Water as Human Right in the HKH and Beyond


Solar powered irrigation pumps (SPIP) provides an alternative technology that has been tested widely in the region and has been found to be a technically proven and workable solution and is suited for all categories of farms – large holder, small

ICIMOD Feature Story for World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Increasing migration from the hills: remittance and increased resilience

Mountain Innovations

Component 4

easier to use. The operating cost, after the price of the pump itself, is essentially free. The added findings on gender equity could make them an even more realistic

Celebrating International Mountain Day 2014

Back in 2014 ICIMOD had provided training of trainers (TOT) on bio-briquette production to a few staff members of the Institute of Sustainable Technology Development (ISTD), Pakistan, at Godavari Knowledge Park in Kathmandu, Nepal. The training

Biodynamic composting

Knowledge forum with David Malone: The Changing Context and Content of Aid Policy

World Water Day 2017

ICIMOD’s work in India to develop the value chain for tulsi made notable strides this year as farmers moved beyond basic production and enhanced their capacities in product improvement and marketing, which meant more profit for rural women.

found that it had many other benefits. Since then, farmers have readily adopted Jholmal. Now, every household in the Kalche Besi, prepares and uses Jholmal. Photo: Roshan Subedi/CEAPRED About twenty months back, farmers in Kalchhe sprayed

highlights importance of benefit sharing in hydropower development 28 Jun 2016, Published in International seminar highlights importance of benefit sharing in hydropower development in Nepal 28 Jun 2016, Published in