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Challenges of Climate Change in the Mountains Highlighted in Cancun

Hindu Kush-Himalayan Countries agree to collaborate on Access and Benefit Sharing of Biological Resources and Traditional Knowledge

Training held to improve biodiversity data publishing in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region

ICIMOD celebrates partnership with Bhutan

Message from Director General on International Women’s Day 2015

COP19: A joint call for South-South and Regional Cooperation to tackle climate change challenges

The aim of the workshop is to build better understanding of on-going interventions related to climate change adaptation and livelihoods in Himalica pilot sites.

Value chain analysis of honey

ICIMOD rallies stakeholders to discuss adaptation measures for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan

Joint call for South-South and Regional Cooperation to tackle climate change challenges

Biomass experts meet in Kathmandu

Avash Pandey

Training on Reframing Leadership for Women and Men for Gender Equality

Media Coverage

Seen as an important platform for mutual learning and networking among the national partners in Bhutan, the first Bhutan-ICIMOD Day was held on 10 October in Thimphu

Integrated Water and Hazard Management

ICIMOD and KSLCDI indian partners visit pilot areas in Uttarakhand, India

ICIMOD Hosts Workshop to Improve Forest Fire Management in the Region

Ice and Water

Check dams are small low structures built across a gully or a channel to prevent them from deepening further. These small dams reduce the speed of water flow and minimise the erosive power of runoff. They also promote the deposition of eroded