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Celebrating International Biological Diversity Day 2013 – 22 May

In mid-November, three of us travelled to Kailash Sacred Landscape (KSL), India - Uma Pratap, Binaya Pasakhala and Kamala Gurung. We were going to assess value chain niche products and facilitate bee keeping training with the Van Raji tribal groups,

203. Events

the Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KLCDI) at ICIMOD from 3–5 December. The meeting was held to bring the KLCDI

Eklabya Sharma

Exposure Visit to Kangchenjunga Landscape Areas of Bhutan, India and Nepal

About ecotourism

to work together to conserve and develop these common landscapes. Several transboundary initiatives have been

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity

ICIMOD celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity as a contribution to the International Year of Forests 2011

High level delegates from the governments of Bhutan, India, and Nepal emphasized the need for regional cooperation on strengthening the potential and benefits of tourism in the Kangchenjunga landscape.

Voices from the field

International Day for Biological Diversity 2011

ICIMOD staff receives India’s highest honor for scientist

Economic valuation of ecosystem services

terrestrial carbon stocks, conserve forests, stimulate sustainable management of forests, and enhance forest


ICIMOD celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity

Nepal is a country where mountain terrain covers more than 80 percent of its land area and is naturally prone to soil erosion and landslides. Landslides pose a serious issue. Not only do landslides impact land productivity due to loss of mountain

Bhutan, India and Nepal formalize agreement for a new transboundary landscape initiative