Koshi Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Hub


Vision: Contributing to a resilient Koshi basin through better understanding and evidence-based decision making on transboundary water-related DRR.


The Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub (KDKH) has been conceptualized as a platform, led and driven by members to foster transboundary collaboration and promote science, policy, and practice interlinkage. The hub was developed through a consultative process with various stakeholders between 2017 and 2018 to address DRR...

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Scope of the hub

  • Promote transboundary collaboration, understanding, and decision making across the Koshi basin through scientific

  • Strengthen the science–policy–practice interface by developing and showcasing solution-oriented research and practices

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Success indicators

  • Use of knowledge by policy makers

  • Initiation of a number of joint projects among hub members

  • Production of evidence-based solutions and recommendations by the hub

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Timeline for the Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub

Koshi Basin Information System (KBIS)

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Challenges in the Koshi basin and opportunities for the knowledge hub

Challenges in the Koshi basin:
  • Limited knowledge, information sharing, and data generation
  • Lack of informed policy and decision making; scientific and local knowledge, and upstream/downstream linkages are not always considered, which is a hurdle for improved DRR in the basin

Opportunities for the knowledge hub:
  • Implementation of solution-oriented joint research and collaborative projects that promote exchange of knowledge and inform policy making in the basin, including developing common methodologies and frameworks for joint data generation, monitoring, and research
  • Sharing of examples of good practices and encouraging adoption in relevant areas

Transboundary Working Groups

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