Transboundary Working Groups (TbWG)


Landslide and Sedimentation

Sediment and Landslides Thematic working group (SLTbWG) of Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub aims at improving the knowledge networks among the partners working in the transboundary Koshi river basin by exchanging, sharing and working together on sediment and landslide related issues. Through this network, the SLTbWG further aims to better understand the causes and impacts of the sediment and landslides through scientific analysis and how they are impacting people, ecosystem and livelihoods of the Koshi river basin and propose possible solutions.

KDKH Landslides

KDKH TbWG Landslide and sedimentation


S.N. Name Institution Country
1 Basanta Raj Adhikari Centre for Disaster Studies (CDS) & Institute of Engineering (IoE) Nepal
2 Kripa Shrestha ICIMOD ICIMOD
3 Sudan Bikash Maharjan ICIMOD ICIMOD
4 Chong Xu National Institute of Natural Hazard, Ministry of Emergency Management of China China
5 Rajiv Sinha Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur India
6 Nick Rosser Durham University UK
7 Kristen Cook GFZ Helmholtz Centre Postdam Germany
8 Suchita Shrestha Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Industry Nepal



Basin-scale hydrology and sediment dynamics of the Kosi river in the himalayan foreland

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Landslide loss and damage in Sindhupalchok district, Nepal: Comparing income groups with implications for compensation and relief

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Spatial distribution analysis and susceptibility mapping of landslides triggered before and after Mw7.8 Gorkha earthquake along Upper Bhote Koshi, Nepal

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Analysis of Jure landslide dam, Sindhupalchowk using GIS and remote sensing

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