Transboundary Working Groups (TbWG)

Transboundary Working Groups

Policy advocacy

The transboundary working group (TbWG) on Policy Advocacy has a critical role in the Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub (KDKH). The group will actively look out for entry points for advocacy and recommendations for key policy and strategies in the three countries – China, India and Nepal. The group will further seek champions of change within the existing and identified system. More importantly, it will closely work hand-in-hand with other TbWGs to actively promote policy advocacy for transboundary collaboration between the basin countries for DRR and resilient Koshi Basin.

KDKH TbWG Policy

KDKH TbWG policy advocacy


S.N. Name Institution Country
1 Sagar Prasai Australian Embassy Nepal
2 Shivaang Sinha ICIMOD ICIMOD
3 Kapil Gnawali Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS) Nepal
4 Medha Bisht South Asian University, University of SAARC Nations India
5 Quihua Liang Loughbourogh University United Kingdom
6 Zhao Wei Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment (IMHE) China
7 Mandakini D. Surie Independent Consultant India
8 Ramesh A. Vaidya ICIMOD ICIMOD



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