Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub

Transboundary Working Groups


The GLOFs transboundary working group under the Koshi DRR Knowledge Hub aims to understand data and information on GLOFs, standardize the methodology for GLOF risk assessment, adopt best practices, and enhance regional cooperation to reduce GLOF-related risks.

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (Glofs)


Team members

Bikram Zoowa

Email: b_zoowa@hotmail.com

Chen Ningsheng

Email: chennsh@imde.ac.cn

Dibas Shrestha

Email: st.dibas@yahoo.com

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Finu Shrestha

Remote Sensing and Geo-information Analyst

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Liu Qiao

Email: liuqiao@@imde.ac.cn

Shiyun Liu
Liu Shiyin

Email: shiyin.liu@ynu.edu.cn

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Manisha K.C.

Email: Kcmanisha01@gmail.com

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Narendra Khanal

Email: nrkhanal.geog@gmail.com

Qiang Xinxin

Email: qiangxinx@mail.ynu.edu.cn

Qiuhua Liang

Email: Q.Liang@lboro.ac.uk

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Rakesh Kayastha

Email: rakesh.kayastha@ku.edu.np

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Rijan Bhakta Kayastha

Email: rijan@ku.edu.np

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Shusila Kandel
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Subash Tuladhar

Email: subashtuladhar@gmail.com

Sunwi Maskey

Email: masunwi@gmail.com

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Tan Chunping

Email: chunping.tan@scu.edu.cn

Tetsuo Shoji

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction, Sichuan University

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Yong Nie
Yong Nie

Email: nieyong@imde.ac.cn

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