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Recent Publications from SANDEE network


Research Article Authors Journal Impact factor Publish year
Adapting to urban flooding: a case of two cities in South Asia. Pervin, I. A., Rahman, S. M. M., Nepal, M., Haque, A. K. E., Karim, H., & Dhakal, G. (2020). Water Policy, 22(S1), 162-188. 3.537 2020
What makes a ban on plastic bags effective? The case of Nepal. Bharadwaj, B., Baland, J. M., & Nepal, M. (2020). Environment and Development Economics, 25(2), 95-114. 0.96 2020
How agricultural practices managing market risk get attributed to climate change? Quasi-experiment evidence. Javed, S. A., Haider, A., & Nawaz, M. (2020). Journal of Rural Studies, 73, 46-55. 3.301 2020
State, private or cooperatives? The governance of Tawa reservoir fisheries, India. Jyotishi, A., Viswanathan, G., & Madhavan, S. (2020). Fisheries Management and Ecology. 1.48 2020
Production externalities of shrimp aquaculture on paddy farming in coastal Bangladesh. Md. Manjur Morshed, Md. Sariful Islam, Heman Das Lohano, Priya Shyamsundar (2020). Agricultural Water Management. 2.59 2020
What makes an environmental trust fund successful? A case study of Maldives. Mohamed Shumais, Ibrahim Mohamed (2020). Climate Change 4.783 2020
Value of cleaner neighborhoods: Application of hedonic price model in low income context Mani Nepal, Rajesh K. Rai, Madan S. Khadayat, E. Somanathan World Development, Volume 131, 2020, 104965, ISSN 0305-750X 3.905 2020
Evaluation of Mangrove Ecosystem Services: Methodological and Data Challenges. Das S. (2020) Energy, Environment and Globalization. Springer, Singapore 2020
Identifying the local factors of resilience during cyclone Hudhud and Phailin on the east coast of India. Das, S., DSouza, N.M. Ambio 49950–961 (2020) 2020
Beyond Smoking: Environmental Determinants of Asthma Prevalence in Western Nepal. Uttam Paudel and Krishna Prasad Pant (2020). Journal of Health and Pollution: March 2020, Vol. 10, No. 25, 200310. 2020
Economics of environmental effects on health: A methodological review based on epidemiological information Uttam Paudel, Shiva Raj Adhikari, Krishna Prasad Pant Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, Volume 5, 2020, 100020, ISSN 2665-9727 3.481 2020
Greening offices: Willingness to pay for green-certified office spaces in Bengaluru, India. Abraham, P.S., Gundimeda, H. Environment Development Sustainability 221839–1857 (2020) 1.676 2020
Determinants of Adoption of Crop Insurance: Evidence from Bolangir District in Odisha. Mamata Swain, Basanti Renu Hembram (2020). Journal of Land and Rural studies 3.301 2020
Evaluating the performance of carbon tax on green technology: evidence from India. Bhat, A.A., Mishra, P.P. Environ Sci Pollut Res 272226–2237 (2020). 2.914 2020
Public Expenditure Effectiveness for Biodiversity Conservation: Understanding the Trends for Project Tiger in India. Bibhu P. Nayak, Pradyot Ranjan Jena, and Saswata Chaudhury. Journal of Forest Economics, 2020, 35: 229–265. 0.98 2020
Sustainable financing for municipal solid waste management in Nepal. Bharadwaj, B., Rai, R. K., & Nepal, M. (2020). Plos one, 15(8), e0231933. 2.750 2020
Making incremental progress: impacts of a REDD+ pilot initiative in Nepal. Sharma, B. P., Karky, B. S., Nepal, M., Pattanayak, S., Sills, E. O., & Shyamsundar, P. (2020). Environmental Research Letters. 6.096 2020
Understanding growth convergence in India (1981–2010): Looking beyond the usual suspects. Lolayekar, A. P., & Mukhopadhyay, P. (2020). PloS one, 15(6), e0233549. 2.750 2020
Assessing the costs of droughts in rural India: a comparison of economic and non-economic loss and damage. Bahinipati, C. S. (2020). Current Science, 118(11), 1832-1841. 0.756 2020
Swelter in the city: Urban greenery and its effects on temperature in Guwahati, India. Borthakur, M., Saikia, A., & Sharma, K. (2020). Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography. 1.32 2020
Assessing the potential for closure rules in the Sri Lankan sea cucumber fishery: Empirical models of practices and preferences of fishers. Prasada, D. V. P. (2020). Marine Policy, 120, 104130. 3.228 2020
Milk will drive methane emissions in India. Gupta, R., & Dasgupta, A. (2020). Climatic Change, 1-12. 4.134 2020
Where is my reusable bag? Retailers’ bag use before and after the plastic bag ban in Dharan Municipality of Nepal. Bharadwaj, B., Subedi, M. N., & Chalise, B. K. (2020). Waste Management. 5.920 2020
How do farmers perceive climate change? A systematic review. Sharma, U. (2020). Climatic Change, 1-20. 4.134 2020
Uptake of energy efficient cookstoves in Pakistan. Jan, I., & Lohano, H. D. (2020). Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 110466. 3.632 2021
Incentives for corporate social responsibility in India: Mandate, peer pressure and crowding-out effects. Bansal, S., Khanna, M., & Sydlowski, J. (2020). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 102382. 4.175 2021

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