Education and training

SANDEE organizes a variety of training courses and workshops.

The objective of these training courses and workshops is to strengthen the capacity of South Asian professionals and institutions to teach environmental and resource economics and to conduct policy-oriented research in this field.

  • Summer School: The Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics is SANDEE’s flagship course, which is offered every year in the month of May. The Summer School was previously referred to as Environmental Economics (EE) course. The Summer School is a three-week course that provides economists with the basic skills necessary to teach environmental and natural resource economics and to undertake research in this area. The course is meant for practicing South Asian economists interested in upgrading their knowledge on the linkages between economic development and the environment. The course also seeks to enable participants to develop research proposals for later submission to SANDEE. Approximately 25 participants from across South Asia are invited to participate in this course.


  • Winter School: Winter School in Research Methods is a one to two weeks course offered every year in the month of January. This course is designed for SANDEE researchers/associates who are working on a project with SANDEE. The objective of the Winter School is to strengthen various aspects of research methods including research design, econometrics, analytical methods, and writing skills.


  • Research and Writing Workshops: SANDEE organizes Environmental Economics and Policy: Research and Writing Workshop that discusses key policy concerns in South Asia related to environmental economics and how economic research can help address them. During the workshop participants get opportunity to receive feedback on their proposed research questions and methodology.


  • Advanced/Other Courses: SANDE organizes various short term training advanced courses in specific areas of Environmental Economics to introduce participants to recent advances in the subject. In the recent past, we have orgnaised trianing in Climate Science, PES.


  • Research and Training Workshops: SANDEE organises two research and training workshops in a year which are focused on grant-related training. At these meetings, new grant proposals are considered, existing and continuing research grants are reviewed and advanced training programmes are organised. Interspersed with formal and informal meeting sessions these meetings provide an opportunity to researchers and advisors to sit together and work through details of research issues raised by each participant.


  • Policy Workshops: These are geared to disseminate research outcomes amongst the policy makers of the region and the media.