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Introductory training on knowledge management and communication


Online (Microsoft Teams)


19 October 2020 to 23 October 2020

Introductory training on knowledge management and communication

ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative is organizing a week-long training on knowledge management and communication for our partners from 19 to 23 October 2020.

This training is expected to strengthen the institutional capacity of our partner agencies and improve networking in the region and to acquaint participants with tools and mechanisms for disseminating knowledge through knowledge products and promotional strategies.

The training is being organized by ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative under the Regional Programme on River Basins and Cryosphere, in collaboration with the Knowledge Management and Communication Unit.

  • Overview of gaps in communicating scientific knowledge to general audiences in the region
  • Overview of fundamentals of knowledge management and communication including communication tools and platforms
  • Crafting key messages and communication objectives and customizing messages and communications as per the targeted audience
  • Sharing information about cryosphere monitoring activities in partner organizations and others in the region
  • Improving communications among partners by promoting their participation in the HKH CryoHub and use of cryosphere data hosted within ICIMOD’s Regional Database System
Expected outcomes

By the end of the training, participants will be able to use a range of knowledge management and communication tools, methods, and techniques to communicate and promote their organization’s work effectively. They will also be able to identify their audiences, extract key messages, and develop a communication strategy for their organization. The training is also expected to help them recognize opportunities to foster dialogue and collaboration, and facilitate networking using different collaborative platforms.

The training will allow our partners to share their cryosphere monitoring and research activities and continue learning about other similar work carried out by other institutes or organizations in the region.

Training participants

The training is targeted for the members of partner organizations in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan who are associated with ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative.

Institutes are encouraged to nominate two or more participants who have a good understanding of their organization and its functions.

Registration is also open for early-career cryosphere researchers or those closely working in a similar field from the region. However, the registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

To register, please send a two-page CV to chimi.seldon@icimod.org by close of business, 16 October 2020.

Training mode

The five-day training will be delivered entirely online on Microsoft Teams by ICIMOD experts. Training sessions are planned for three hours each day to ensure that the hours are not taxing on participants.

Training content

The training will cover the following topics:

Topic 1. Communicating our work

Topic 2. Identify key message and develop a strategy to disseminate and communicate progress and results

Topic 3. Collaborative platforms and operation

Topic 4. Knowledge capturing and sharing

  1. Writing and editing news articles and op-eds
  2. Dissemination and outreach
  3. Managing data and publications using information management systems
  4. Visual communication and multimedia: Short videos, graphics, photography basics

Topic 5. Exploring story maps and cryosphere data

  1. Exploring story maps – Regional Database System
  2. Familiarizing with cryosphere data – Water and Air

Topic 6.  Assessing performance and managing expectations – Knowledge Management and Communication Unit

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